Tutorial - How to use uDownloader for downloading and converting streaming video and audio
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Streaming is spread and widely used to deliver multimedia on the Internet for video and audio broadcasting online. But streaming inclines to be hard to record or download without a professional streaming downloader.
uDownloader is the professor among elite streaming downloaders which can easily satisfy your demanding request of downloading beyond all question.

Step by Step: Capture Streaming Video URLs And Download Streaming Audio From The Internet

1.Download and Install uDownloader.

(Note: After installation, uDownloader will automatically detect whether Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 is installed on your PC. You are prompted to download Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 if it is not installed. You can download Microsoft .net Framework 4 at here.)

2.Run free uDownloader, then visit the online video or music website that you are interesting, click to play the video/audio online which you want to download and watch/listen to offline.

3.Few second later, uDownloader captures the downloadable track link address (FLV, MOV, MPEG-4, WMV, MP3, M4A, WAV…) and shows them in the list "Unfinished" below.

4. Select the link, and right-click it and choose <download> button or double-click the link, the video or audio will be saved to your PC. (If "Automatically download" in Options is selected, then media file will be promptly downloaded to default folder once uDownloader sniffs out its URL)

5. When the download completes, the downloading task will shift from list “Unfinished” to “finished”, double-click the video/audio URL on list “Finished”, they are clearly played back in high-definition. And Click “Open Containing folder” you will find the downloaded video files.


However, if the case happens that the downloaded video’s format is not the one you want because there is no correct software to play it, don’t worry, as for video, uDownloader now is capable of converting the files to a common file format such as WMV, AVI, XVID HD video and etc. And the same is to audio conversion. You can free convert a song or music to mp3, ogg, ac3, wav, aiff…

How to convert a downloaded video file to WMV by uDownloader?

Step by step:

1. Click “Convert” button on the bottom of concise interface. A mini-window pops up.

2. Pick up the downloaded video file that you want to convert.

3. Click “Convert to” drop-down list, and choose Video::WMV format.

4. And set the output file’s saving folder, otherwise the output file will be saved in the same folder as input one.

5. Finally start converting, just wait a few seconds, you will get the high quality WMV file which is able to be played in all suitable players.


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