FAQ - Frequently asked questions of using uDownloader to download video
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Do I need to pay for using uDownloader?

How to get downloadable stream URL with uDownloader?

Where to find the downloaded video or audio files?

How do I update uDownloader? Where can I get the latest version?

Why does it take so long to download streaming file?

How to set the containing folder for saving downloaded files?

Why some of HTTP or RTMP streams cannot be captured by uDownloader?

Is it possible to download multiple internet streaming lines at the same time?

Does uDownloader record and process download on my PC?

How to convert the downloaded song or local files to MP3 by uDownloader?

How to custom the format of files to be downloaded?

Can uDownload download videos from Facebook.com?

How to drag the video webpage into uDownloader embedded browser?

How Many websites can be downloaded by uDownloader?

Why my uDownloader can download only one video at a time?

How to turn messy code on uDownloader to normal on Windows 8 OS?

What is Microsoft .net Framework 4.0?




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