FAQ - Frequently asked questions of using uDownloader to download video
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Can uDownloader download videos from Facebook.com?

Numerous interesting and amazing videos, images are shared on Facebook. If you come across a funny video or a rare video on the facebook website or are eager to download it, uDownload can do it for you free.

How to download online Facebook video to MP4, WMV, AVI for offline viewing?

1. Download and install uDownloader

2. Click “Option” button on bottom of uDownloader interface. And select “Convert” tab, check “Automatically download” and choose a video format you want to get.

Or, omit this step. Consequently, you will get the Facebook video in original format that poster uploaded.

3. Go to facebook wall where the video you want to download is located. Place the cursor on video, and right-click the video, select “copy link address” to copy video’s URL.

4. Copy this URL. Paste the URL into uDownloader built-in browser

5. Play the video in built-in browser. And uDownloader will immediately capture video's downloadable link, rip off and download video from facebook.com to the format you prefer.

6. Click “Open Folder” you will find the downloaded facebook video file. Play it with a Video Player on PC.


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